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We advise and represent employees against their employers. Whether you have an employment contract that you need help to understand, or you have been discriminated against, harassed, or been fired wrongfully, we fight for equality in the workplace for employees.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment & assault take many shapes and forms and can happen in a multitude of ways. We have held countless sexual harassers accountable for using gender or sex to discriminate and gain power over our clients. We stand up tall to harassers in court and in the press.

Trans Rights

Transgender employees face unique challenges in the workplace, including discrimination, harassment, restroom access, misgendering, healthcare exclusions, and more. We advocate for legal protections to ensure fair treatment and equal opportunities for our clients.

Colin McHugh was my counsel for a labor matter. I was most impressed with his command of the facts in a complex case. He was attentive to and patient with his anxious client.
John • Employment Law Client

What We do

McHugh Law is a civil litigation law firm that focuses on plaintiff-side employment cases. We pride ourselves on standing up for the little guy and fighting against the goliaths. Whether the opposing party is a Fortune 500 company, a top insurance company, or a government entity, we are not afraid to speak truth to power and fight hard for results for our clients.

Sexual Harassment

We have successfully represented victims of sexual harassment against small, medium, and large employers. If you are experiencing sexual harassment at work, you don’t have to deal with it alone.

Race Discrimination

McHugh Law can help you stamp out race discrimination. We represent clients experiencing race, national origin, and immigration status discrimination of all kinds. McHugh Law is here to help.


Our employment lawyer reviews, negotiates, drafts, and litigates restrictive covenants including non-competes, non-solicitations, and confidentiality agreements. Reach out today!

Family & Pregnancy Leave

The law protects your job for taking leave regarding health issues, pregnancy, and family leave. Whether you are planning leave, need accommodations, or you were fired or retaliated against for taking leave, we represent a wide range of clients. McHugh Law is here to help.

Trans Rights

Navigating discrimination or harassment at work due to one’s gender identity or expression can be challenging. Whether it’s restroom accessibility, misgendering, or any other form of mistreatment, it can feel scary to face alone. Our experienced attorney is ready to fight for you!

LGBTQ+ Rights

We take great pride in protecting, promoting, and serving LGBTQ+ communities in all areas of employment law. If you have been discriminated against or harassed based on gender identity or sexual orientation, we can help explore all of your legal options.

Our Employment Attorney

Since beginning his practice approximately a decade ago, Colin has focused his practice representing marginalized individuals in employment cases. He has represented clients in many types of employment cases including sexual harassment, employment discrimination, retaliation, and restrictive covenants, such as non-competes.

Although Colin has advised and represented employers in the past (which gives him a unique and balanced perspective), he currently exclusively represents individual plaintiffs in employment and other civil cases.  

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  • Accomplished & Under 40 Award 2021 – Vancouver Business Journal
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With his assistance and guidance, I was able to resolve a multitude of issues and complications that I was experiencing stemming from work, which had a profound effect on my personal life.
Thank you Colin.
Steve • Employment Law Client

Our Goals

Our goal is to attain the best possible results for our clients and make sure they are made whole to the best of our ability.

At McHugh Law, we look forward to the day that our clients can move on from some of the worst experiences of their lives and know that they are better off from working with us.

Our Focus

Colin has focused his practice representing marginalized individuals in employment cases since 2014.

He currently exclusively represents individual plaintiffs in employment law civil cases.

Our Results

Colin’s breadth of experience makes him a compassionate counselor and a fierce advocate in the courtroom, recovering millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for his clients. At McHugh Law, we are here to listen to your story, provide the tools to prepare your case for trial, and work hard to achieve the best results possible.


I seek justice for my clients and empower them through the law.

Happy Clients

Featured Press Stories

Vancouver Chiropractic Clinic Faces Lawsuit for Alleged Sexual Harassment

Vancouver employment law attorney Colin F. McHugh is representing four former female employees of a Vancouver chiropractic clinic in a lawsuit against their former employer and an Arizona-based consultant. The lawsuit, filed in Clark County Superior Court, alleges sexual harassment and sex discrimination by ATLASRHINO INC., owned by Troy Dreiling, and Fred Schofield of Mo Chih Chu Chiropractic Training, Inc. The plaintiffs accuse the defendants of inappropriate conduct, including comments on weight and the use of a riding crop. Mr. McHugh emphasizes the emotional distress and humiliation suffered by his clients, aiming to bring justice and safer workplace standards.

McHugh Law is proud to be featured in The Columbian for our commitment to workplace equality.

Camas Pregnancy Discrimination

A hair stylist at a salon was fired while on maternity leave and requesting a modified schedule to return to her position. Mr. McHugh sued the Camas salon and its owner for pregnancy discrimination and wrongful termination.

Disability Discrimination at Ridgefield Barn

Mr. McHugh represented an employee of a Ridgefield equestrian center who was terminated when he informed his employer that he was in the hospital for a heart condition. On behalf of the employee, Mr. McHugh sued the barn and its owners for disability discrimination and retaliation.

Cowlitz PUD Employee Sues Utility Provider

With the assistance of Vancouver employment law attorney Colin F. McHugh, a Cowlitz County Public Utility District (PUD) employee is pursuing legal action against the PUD and ABM Industry Groups, LLC (ABM) for negligence, alleging they risked the safety of their employees by hiring and retaining a janitor previously convicted of voyeurism and other sex-related crimes. Mr. McHugh supports his client’s claim by emphasizing the emotional distress suffered by his client and negligence by the PUD for not checking the background of the janitor at hire, and not terminating him once it became aware of his previous convictions. The legal effort aims to hold the PUD and ABM accountable for the negligent oversight that led to the unauthorized recordings of his client.

CalPortland Work Safety Retaliation Case

McHugh Law, PLLC represents a deck hand and "miner" on a dredge and barge who worked for CalPortland and was terminated for reporting dangerous hours and working conditions to his supervisor. The miner has been awarded around $500,000.00 in backpay, attorneys' fees and costs. The case is currently under review by the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission after being repeatedly appealed by CalPortland.

Disability Discrimination Case Against WA DOC

Mr. McHugh represented Corrections Officer employed by the Washington Department of Corrections, who was being discriminated against for having a hearing condition and using cochlear implants. The facility's managers forced the officer to go through a series of hearing "tests" on an open radio line that could be heard by virtually all of his co-workers and inmates at the facility, and prevented the officer from returning to work, despite being released back to work by his medical providers.

Legal Resources

Can I Record My Harasser at Work in Washington State?

Can I Record My Harasser at Work in Washington State?

At McHugh Law, we are always looking for ways to catch harassers “red-handed” or in the act of harassing. Text messages, emails, videos, photos, and other “receipts” are crucial to catching sexual harassment or a hostile work environment. Although your memory and testimony alone is evidence of sexual harassment…

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Can I Get out of a Non-Compete Agreement in Washington State?

Can I Get out of a Non-Compete Agreement in Washington State?

In 2019, the Washington legislature enacted a statute, what is now RCW 49.62, to guide the enforceability of non-competes in the employment context. This law came into effect January 1, 2020. Since the law was enacted, there have been some cases that now interpret the law and clarify its application. However, some questions still remain. Below…

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Common Questions


I am being sexually harassed at work, what should I do?

If you are the victim of sexual harassment or a hostile work environment at work there are many things that you should be doing. First, make sure you are documenting and keeping detailed notes about the harassment you are receiving. Take pictures of offensive media like photos, pictures, drawings, or graffiti. Make copies of offensive emails, texts, or other messages and keep them in a safe place away from the office or work environment. If there is an HR department or person that you can safely report to, make a written complaint of the harassment. Find allies in the workplace and build rapport with them, exchange contact information, and if safe, discuss the harassment in writing with them and keep copies of your messages with your allies. Finally, contact an attorney that can help you address the sexual harassment head-on. Find an attorney before it is too late who can help you come up with a plan.

I am being harassed at work. Can I record conversations with my harasser?

It depends. Often, you must notify the person that is harassing you that you are going to be recording them, if it is a private conversation. In Washington, it can be a crime to record someone if you do not let them know you are recording. If you are considering recording a conversation, you should contact an attorney to see if it is something that you can legally do.

I am pregnant and I am considering taking medical leave and getting accommodations for my pregnancy. What should I do?

You should inform your human resources department or supervisor in writing that you are pregnant and seeking leave or accommodations. Depending on what state you are in, you may have several rights including the ability to go to your prenatal appointments, breastfeeding at work in a quiet space, taking medical leave during pregnancy, parental leave (such as maternal or paternal leave), more frequent bathroom breaks, the ability to sit more frequently during your shift, a reduced or modified schedule, or other accommodations. In Washington, you can request and apply for paid medical leave through the Washington Paid Family Medical Leave Act. You should contact the Employment Security Department to request and schedule this paid leave. You should discuss with an attorney if you are planning on utilizing medical leave or accommodation before your pregnancy, during your child’s birth, and upon your return from leave.

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